NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone

69 Reviews
  • NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone
  • NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone
  • NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone
  • NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bang and Olufsen
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II
  • NFlightmic Nomad Aviation Microphone on Bose QC35II

NFlight Nomad Pro Aviation Microphone

69 Reviews

NFlightMic Unboxing and Setup from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.


Click here to listen to AvWeb's podcast on the NFlightMic.


Click here to learn more about why we created the NFlightMic.


How it works:  The NFlight Nomad is an aviation microphone that can be attached to any headset using the included 3M Dual Lock.

NFlightMic Nomad Aviation Microphone 3M Dual Lock

The NFlight Nomad has a 2.5mm audio output that can be plugged into the headset's auxiliary audio input. 

The NFlight Nomad Pro accepts 3.5mm audio inputs, allowing you to listen to music while you fly.  It also has a mono/stereo selector switch, making it compatible with both mono and stereo aircraft intercoms.

The NFlight Nomad plugs into standard PJ or twin-plug jacks on any fixed-wing aircraft. It is also available with Airbus connectors.

Click here to view the Nomad instruction manual in PDF format.

Try it for 30 days.  If you are not completely happy, we will refund your money.

Lifetime Warranty:  If you send us a broken NFlight Microphone, we will replace it once, even if the damage is from abuse.  

Compatible with:  Bose QC25, Bose QC35, Bose QC35ii or any other headset with a 2.5mm auxiliary audio input.  Please note: The Bluetooth capability of the Bose QC35 is disabled when the mic is plugged in.

Can also be easily converted to be compatible with headsets with 3.5mm auxiliary audio inputs with the use of a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter

Popular headsets with a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter:  Sony 1000XM2 and 1000XM3



Connections:  Standard twin-plug PJ-style 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch aviation connectors

Supports both mono and stereo aircraft intercoms

Audio output:  2.5mm, 3-pole male connector

Auxiliary Audio Input:  3.5mm 

Cable length:  2 meters or 78 inches

Audio output cable length:  10 centimeters or 4 inches

Flexible boom microphone length:  20 centimeters or 8 inches

Output volume:  adjustable

Attachment to headset:  3M Dual Lock circles (3M adhesive is removable without a trace.)

Included accessories:  shirt clip for strain relief, 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable, two extra 3M Dual Lock pads


Noise-canceling electret

Frequency response: 200 Hz - 6000 Hz

Maximum SPL: 114 dB

Terminating impedance: 220-2200 ohms

Operating voltage: 8V-16V DC


SKU: 2002

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Brian K.
United States

Knudson Las Vegas

Very Good! BlueTooth module works great and doesn’t cut out when ATC talks, just like my Bose A20! #TwoThumbsUp

James S.
United States United States

Mic worked perfect

Very good. Mic worked perfect

John D.
United States United States

Excellent costumer service

Brilliant idea excited brilliantly

Todd P.
United States United States

Great value, good performance, with some compromises.

I have tried pretty much every headset setup out available, for use on an Airbus in an airline environment. I am currently using a “Pro” ANC headset that sells for around $800, and although I do not commute, I do occasionally deadhead. My current “Pro” headset does not lend itself to use on a deadhead, at least not very well. I had high hopes that the Nomad would fit bill for dual purpose (flight deck/cabin) use, but the compromises proved to be great for me to leave my current headset. While the performance of the Nomad exceeds the “Pro” headset in some areas, it falls short in others. Where the Nomad wins, IMHO, is 1) comfort 2) sound quality (attributable to the QC35 I use the Nomad with) and 3) cost ($600 for Nomad+headset vs $800). The downsides for me at least, were 1) The mic was picked up/introduced quite a bit of noise when I had a hot mic. The other pilot did not hear it, just me. And oddly, if I plugged in an external audio source, the background noise lessened (did not go away entirely). This was a deal killer for me, as I use ANC for a reason, and do not want to replace slipstream noise with electronic hiss. I fly with other pilots that use and love the Nomad, so this obviously is a personal thing. I also found that mic placement was very critical. If it was not it just the right place the other pilot could not hear me very well, and I also got my very first “last transmission unreadable” from ATC for the same reason. In the Nomad’s defense, the mic stays where you put it, you just have to get it in the right place, and this seems to be a fairly small area. 2) Dealing with the cords and microphone. My existing headset has a single cord, the mic is attached to the headset, and it all fits into a relatively small travel pouch. While it is trivial, I did find that attaching and plugging in the Nomad to the QC35, and storing it at the end of the flight bothersome. Just that much more to do before getting on my way. If I was a commuter who relied on my headset for the commute I wouldn’t be as bothered, but dealing with the on/off cord and mic, and storage was another downside vs my current setup. 3) My current headset has built in bluetooth, no need to use an auxiliary cord or bluetooth dongle. Again, less hassle in day to day use. To summarize, although the headset did not work out for me, it is an impressive product. The build quality seems to be solid. If you doubt the “dual lock” mic attachment, I would suggest you try it. It is very solid. The mic noise I experienced may bother you, or may not. As I said, many people that I work with have this setup and love it, it just wasn’t for me...

Jesse E.
United States United States

An ear-saver!

I don’t buy the myth that the A320 is quiet. Especially down at low altitude. Combining the NFlightMic with my Bose QC35 has been a game changer. The customer service is fantastic too. I had a minor issue with my unit and it was very quickly replaced!