NFlight Formation Aerobatic Team

Our founder

The NFlight Nomad Aviation Microphone was designed and produced by Patrick Carter, founder of NFlight and maker of the NFlightCam line of aviation camera accessories. With over 13,000 flight hours in everything from aerobatic biplanes to helicopters to airliners, Patrick knows what works and what does not, and NFlight's products come from his experience in the cockpit. Patrick and the team at NFlight not only know how to design great products, they know what it takes to bring these products to market, support them, and create return customers.

Our way of doing business

Entrepreneurial and customer-obsessed, NFlight has become a leader in the realm of innovative technology for pilots by operating with a simple strategy: know your customer well and make great products. At NFlight, we are committed to selling only the highest quality products. If we do not think a product is the best it can be, we do not sell it, no matter how much we have invested. This is one reason why NFlight enjoys tremendous brand loyalty and is a company respected around the world for its expertise and integrity.

Our history

Over our first twelve years, NFlightCam has set the standard for aviation camera mounting, audio capture solutions, and aviation-specific filters. Our NFlightCam camera launched the business in 2010 by adding cockpit audio to a small action camera. In 2011, we introduced the propeller filter, solving another major issue that prevented pilots from utilizing inexpensive action cameras available on the consumer market. In 2012, we launched our line of exterior mounting options for action cameras and began designing and machining our own accessories. The NFlight Nomad aviation microphone is the latest step on our quest to better understand pilots and their passions. Together, NFlight products, both past and present, represent a legacy of innovation and an unparalleled commitment to supporting our customers. 

Our future

As NFlight evolves to take advantage of the many opportunities the future holds, we will continue to provide intelligent, high-design products to people who are passionate about their pursuits. We will invest ourselves in a deep understanding of our customers and their passions to create product innovations that will astonish them. We will continue to exercise the blend of prudent business practices and entrepreneurial speed, agility, and boldness that have been key to our long-running success. We will continue to improve our products and service, standing behind everything we sell with our lifetime guarantee. We will continue to treat every customer as if they are a friend and support every sale the same.

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