NFlightMic: the most versatile headset solution on the market

NFlightMic: the most versatile headset solution on the market

Our mission at NFlight Technology is to create solutions that bring consumer products into the aviation market, creating superior and more cost-effective options for pilots.  The NFlightMic is a new product with the potential to change one of the most fundamental pieces of equipment pilots use every day: the headset.  

For the last several decades, we have been bound by the limited size of the aviation market and the select suppliers willing to produce aviation-specific headsets.  The NFlightMic removes these boundaries by providing an aviation microphone compatible with almost any headset, dramatically reducing the cost of a high-quality headset while simultaneously increasing the size of the headset market available to pilots.

NFlightMic with Bose QC35 in Citation

The concept is simple.  The NFlightMic is a universal aviation microphone that converts aircraft audio output to the same line level as a commercial audio player so that any noise-canceling headset with an auxiliary input jack can be used in the aircraft cockpit.  Some manufacturers have even designed headsets specifically for passengers in the back of the aircraft.  These headsets adapt beautifully to the cockpit of an airliner because they have already been optimized for the aviation environment.  In fact, we have found that headsets such as the Bose QC25 and QC35 are far more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time than their aviation-specific counterparts such as the Bose A20 or Lightspeed Zulu.

Aviation-specific headsets are expected to perform in the loudest environments, such as a Dehavilland Beaver, not a Boeing 737.  As aircraft have progressed over the years, especially airliners, noise levels have been drastically reduced.  With advances in technology, modern propeller aircraft are almost as quiet as jets from decades past, yet traditional aviation-specific headsets still retain significant head-clamping force in their attempt at noise reduction.  Consumer electronics companies such as Bose, Sony, and Senhiesser are now producing much more comfortable noise-cancelling headsets specifically for use in the back of modern aircraft, but they have not added an aviation microphone to allow them to be used in the cockpit.

This is where we fit into the equation.  Since founding NFlight Technology in 2010, it has been our mission to adapt products available on the consumer market to the aviation world, providing aviators with lower-cost solutions that produce superior results.  The NFlightMic does exactly that.  For $625 (including both the $350 Bose QC35 headset and our $275 NFlightMic), you have a brand new, top-of-the-line aviation headset that is also useful in other aspects of your life.  The NFlightMic quickly detaches, allowing you to take full advantage of the headset when riding in the back of an airliner, watching movies at home, or working on your computer in a noisy environment.  We like to think of the NFlightMic as the Swiss Army knife of aviation headsets.  The bottom line is, you now have the ability to shop from a much larger market to find a headset that works both in the cockpit and elsewhere, for roughly half the price of an aviation-specific headset.

Patrick and Courtney

Though we are not the first company to present such a solution, we are the only company that offers a universal microphone, compatible with a wide range of headsets.  This was a key design factor for the NFlightMic, as we did not want to create a solution limited to one specific headset.  This means you can now walk into BestBuy or any other electronics store and choose from a plethora of headsets, deciding which one works best for you, and then pair it with the NFlightMic.  And when an updated headset model comes out, you can use the same NFlightMic without the need to buy a different version.

Lifetime warranty
Three additional points set us apart from our competitors; we are the only company that fulfills orders on the day they are placed, offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, and supports our product with an unconditional lifetime warranty, even when the damage is from abuse.  We will send you a new NFlightMic if, for example, you roll your seat over the cord and sever it five years after your purchase.  There is no warranty in the industry that comes close to this level of customer care.