Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing our NFlight Nomad aviation microphone. We know pilots need not only a great product but excellent customer service and support as well. Please take a minute to register your product online so we can offer you the best possible customer support.

Replace, not Repair - We prioritize getting you back in the air as quickly as possible, which is why we don't make you wait on repairs. For a $40 warranty fee, we immediately ship a new mic and allow you to ship your old mic back to us when you receive the replacement.

Support - When you call or email, you will be talking to one of the two owners of the company, and we are both pilots. No run arounds, no tiered support. You will be speaking with the person in charge, and we will solve whatever problem you are experiencing.

Data Collection - We need this to validate that you are the original purchaser of your NFlight microphone. We will never sell your information, nor fill your inbox with spam.