1. Can I use this with any headphones? We cater to Bose products because of their quality and dominance in the market. However, our NFlight microphones will work with any noise-canceling headphones that have a 2.5mm wired audio input. They also work with with our adapter for headphones that have a 3.5mm wired audio input. This adapter is available on our website.

2. What does lifetime warranty mean? This means we will replace your NFlight microphone, even if the fault is obviously the result of abuse. For example, if you get the cable caught in your seat track and sever it, we will send you a new one. Click on the "Warranty" tab at the top of our webpage to read the full policy.

3. What is the difference between the NFlight Nomad Classic and the NFlight Nomad Pro? The main differences between the lightweight Classic and heftier Pro models are:

- Heavier cables with more durable over-molding (more robust for everyday use, such as for airline pilots)

- Auxiliary audio input for listening to music (cable included) or connecting to a bluetooth adapter (accessory available on our website)

- In-line dual volume control box

- Mono/stereo capability for pilots with stereo intercoms

Both units have identical microphone performance characteristics, and we offer the same warranty on both units.

4. How quickly will my NFlight microphone arrive? We ship everything as quickly as possible from our Dallas warehouse via USPS Priority Mail. Orders usually ship within one business day, and Priority Mail usually takes 3-5 days to arrive most places in the contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska often add a day of transit time. International orders usually take two weeks unless we can ship faster from our warehouses in Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

5. Can I use the NFlight microphone in a helicopter or Airbus? Yes. Simply choose your connector from the drop-down menu on the product page. If your desired connector is not an available option, you can pair our twin-plug microphones with the appropriate adapter on our website.

6. Can I pair my Bose QC35 or QC45 to bluetooth audio while the NFlight microphone is plugged in? Unfortunately, Bose's wired audio input disables the bluetooth function. You can overcome this with a bluetooth adapter plugged into the in-line control box on our NFlight Nomad Pro. Please note that this allows you to listen to music via bluetooth, NOT make phone calls while your mic is plugged into the 2.5mm port on your headphones' ear cup.

7. Do you offer a TSO-certified version of the NFlight microphone? Yes! The NFlight Nomad TSO has all the same great features as the NFlight Nomad Pro with the addition of a TSO-approved David Clark microphone. The David Clark M7A microphone is certified to meet TSO-C58A, providing airline pilots who must fly with a TSO-approved microphone the ability to take advantage of the comfort and convenience of the NFlight Nomad.

8. Do you offer any discounts? Military personnel have access to a 10% discount located in the footer on our website.

8. Do you have retailers overseasYes, we stock our microphones in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We strive to fulfill orders placed on our website from those warehouses if we have items in stock there.